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    Baojun Variety Real Stone Coating
    Product model: BJ-401
    Product Overview: Pure natural color sand, the product has natural stone effect, long-lasting color, is an ideal substitute for marble. The product is economical without losing the heavy texture of the stone, and has a durability of more than 10 years, meeting the decorative needs of various exterior wall projects.
    Scope of application: It is suitable for the construction and maintenance of exterior wall buildings such as office buildings, urban landmarks, large international hotels, financial buildings, schools, high-end residences, and large shopping centers.
    Construction method: Spraying construction.
    Product features: Pure natural color sand, color change, natural and beautiful.
    Product parameters:
    Main technical parameters

    Product specifications
    30Kg/barrel (20L)
    Recommended use
    0.15-0.25Kg /㎡
    Dry time

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