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    Baojun Imitation Rock Stone Coating
    Product model: BJ-402
    Product Overview: Baojun imitation rock stone coating: It has the rich texture of traditional real stone coating, and also has the unique rock texture effect of granite, and its own weight is small, it is a substitute for traditional real stone coating.
    Scope of application: It is suitable for the decoration of various new and old building walls such as concrete, mortar surface and masonry, especially suitable for artistic decoration and stone-like works.
    Construction method: Spraying construction
    Product features: 1.With the unique texture of natural stone, can fully express the unique rock film effect of natural stone; 2.Not easy to fade, long-lasting beauty, can spray different patterns of color; 3.The coating is firm, the coating can cover the wall subtle Cracks and wall surface defects; 4.Economical construction is safe and convenient.
    Product parameters:
    Main technical parameters

    Product specifications
    30Kg/barrel (20L)
    Recommended use
    Dry time

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